Start 19th April 2024 at 20:00 GMT+3
Basic moments
Lineage 2 Server Complex
Why our servers are the best:
- 100% Implementation of Chronicles. Everything works for us!
- Online Support 24/7
- More than five years of project work
- Professional Anti-DDoS protection
- Unique protection against bot
- Powerful Server and dedicated gigabit channel
- Database backup system, progress will not be lost
- Experienced administration with extensive work experience
- Donation does not affect the balance of the game
- On our project everyone will find their place in the Sun of the world of Lineage 2
You can learn all skills from any profession
Maximum number of skills that can be learned per character = 500
In the main profession, skills are learned automatically
Professions are taken in alt+b
Buff time increased
Weapon restrictions have been removed on all buffs:
Ability to use dances with any weapon
Ability to use totems with any weapon
Setting and changing rebirth
Maximum number of rebirths = 500
Minimum level for rebirth = 85
Restriction in direction STR = 99
Limit in DEX direction = 99
Restriction in direction CON = 99
Restriction in direction WIT = 99
Restriction in direction MEN = 99
Limit in direction INT = 99
Limit in direction CP = 30
Limit in HP direction = 30
Limit in direction MP = 30
Restriction in the direction of Physical Defense = 30
Limit in direction Physical Accuracy = 30
Restriction in the direction of Physical Strength. Krita = 30
Limitation in PVE direction Damage = 30
Limit in direction Mage Defense = 30
Limit in direction Mag Accuracy = 30
Restriction in the direction of Strength M. Krita = 30
Restriction in the direction of PVP Protection = 30
Rebirth price 5,000,000 Aden
rebirth without time rollback
Epic Boos
For convenient farming of Epic Boss, the level of all bosses has been raised to 80
Rep Antharas 72 hours
Rep Bauim Wednesday, Sunday at 16:00
Rep. Frinteza Wednesday at 6:30 Moscow time
Rep. Lilith Tuesday, Friday at 21:00 Moscow time
Rep. Anakim Tuesday, Friday at 21:00 Moscow time
Rep Ant Queen 24 hours
Rep Orfen 24 hours
Rep Core 24 hours
All epic Bosses are live from the start of the server
Duration of the Olympiad: from 20:00 to 00:00 Moscow time.
Olympic period - 1 week
Non-class battles require 3 player registrations.
Time before teleportation to the stadium 60 sec
The number of battles required to receive tokens is 10
Heroes are given out every Friday at 12:00 Moscow time
When created, a clan receives level 3
Clan reputation rate - x1
The penalty for leaving clans and Ali is 1 Hour
The maximum number of members in a clan is 80
Siege period 2 weeks
Osdas take place on Sundays at 20:00